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Athi River Oils Epz Ltd specializes in production of both conventional and organically produced vegetable and essential oils. With over two decades of experience, Athi River Oils endeavor to meat world standards in its processes and a quality management.
1. Sustainable Quality Sourcing
The company has built a strong partnership with local producers, growers and suppliers by creating awareness emphasized towards quality management at the primary stage. Up to 85% of non-conformance has been eliminated at this stage.

2. Good Manufacturing Practices
With over two decade of compliance to several regulatory and global quality standards, the company is always a step higher in the market. The adoption of good manufacturing practices has formed the fabric of the production process at our two facilities. The spirit of no comprise on quality has created a culture of zero defect tolerance. The company through robust continues improvement approach looks ahead to always meet customer quality demand

3. Experienced Workforce
Man at his best capabilities is one aspect that the company has been keen on.  Experienced workers and advance human resource policies have worked magic to customer satisfaction.

Pure | Organic | Fair Trade | Sustainable | Ethical

Vegetable Oils

Common NameBotanical NameConventional Organic
Almond oil Prunus dulcis
Apricot oilPrunus armeniaca
Avocado oil Persea americana
Baobab oilRicinus communis
Castor oilCymbopogon martini
Chia seed oilSalvia hispanica
Cocoa butter Theobroma cacao
Coconut oil Cocos nucifera
Grapefruit seed oil Citrus paradisii
Grape seed oil Vitis vinifera
Macadamia oil Macadamia intergrifolia
Moringa oil Moringa oleifera
Muyao oil Vitellaria paradoxa var nilotica
Papaya oil Carica papaya
Pomegranate oil Punica granatum
Rosehip oil Punica granatum
Sesame oil Sesamum indicum
Shea butter Vitellaria nilotica
Sour cherry seed oil Prunus cerasus

Essential Oils

Common NameBotanical NameConventional Organic
Frankincense oil Boswellia carterii / neglecta
Geranium oil – (Kenya)Polargonium asperum
Ginger oilZinger officinale
Lemongrass oilCymbopogon citratus
Palmarosa oilCymbopogon martini
Tagetes oilTagetes minuta
Tea Tree oilMelaleuca alternifolia

Other Products / Cakes

Common NameBotanical NameConventional Organic
Sesame cake Sesamum indicum
Macadamia cake Macadamia intergrifolia



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